We Have Closed Our Doors

Thanks to a wonderful client engaging us full-time, Estate Management Solutions will indefinitely be closing it’s door.  We will no longer be offering classes but may make the Essentials of Household Management book and accompanying documents for sale.  We are also suspending consulting and manual writing operations.

We have an agreement with Latricia Friend to start teaching the Essentials of Household & Estate Management.  Please contact her directly if you are in treated in attending a course.  Please be detailed with your request or run the risk of it going unanswered.

Years ago when I first created EMS I did not think I would work full time for a principal again, having a few bad experiences made me very hesitant and untrusting of what Principals would say in the interview.  But then I found the rare “perfect match” and am able to return full-time to what I love.

EMS will be identifying independent instructors to teach The Essentials of Household & Estate Management course across the nation.  These instructors will be independently responsible for scheduling and teaching the class.

We wish everyone the greatest of fortunes on your desired paths.  If you are looking for education, we strongly recommend you ask more questions than you think are necessary.  Trust your gut, if you’re brain is sending up red flags, you’re probably right.  Look East and North for the best schools.   Similar to our job hunts, finding a school with integrity can take some time.  See below for one of our past posts that will help provide some guidance in searching for an educator.

Thank you too all who have support us in this venture.  You will never be forgotten or go unappreciated.

Many times have I been approached to discuss what school a Private Service Professional should attend.  This can be a difficult question to answer.  While there are only a few to select from, the cost and time commitment can make it a difficult choice.  Here are my recommendations on how to work through the decision.

First and foremost Know What Type Of Professional You Want To Be.  You can either be Management oriented where you spend most of your time behind a desk.  Or you can follow the current trend and future of the industry and learn more service oriented skills.  While most Household Manager & Estate Manager positions will require a good amount of management and administration, a vast majority of principals want to see you with your sleeves rolled up.  Purely administrative jobs are out there, but you will need a four year degree will be looked for.

Beware Of High Placement Rate Claims!!!! No agency or school can guarantee you placement, the placement process is about chemistry and skills set.  That responsibility rests on your shoulders alone.  Some claim a 90% placement rate……simply laughable.  Not only unethical and inaccurate, this number is padded by those who were employed prior to attending school.

Check References.  Ask the school for references but remember, like you, they are only going to give you references that will cast a positive light.  Look for references on social media sites such as LinkedIn.  Search for, or post, a discussion on one of the many LinkedIn groups catering to Private Service Professionals.  

Calculate Your Total Cost.  Some schools offer room and board as a part of their tuition.  But remember, that if you stay where you learn, your time will never be your own.  While as a PSP your job will be very consuming, it is unrealistic to expect an adult to adhere to curfew hours.  However if you are staying remotely you will need to calculate travel time (and money) to and from.

How Much Work Will You Be Doing In Addition To Class. Some schools tell you that you will be hosting and serving at dinners as a part of your training.  While this isn’t a bad idea, it can be taken advantage of.  There are stories of students organizing as many as four dinners in a four week training course.  While you may have this in a home, then you will be well compensated for it.  Although hands-on planning and execution of a dinner is very valuable.

Hold your instructors and owners of the school accountable.  They should be treating you like a student/client, teaching you skills and techniques.  They should be evaluating you on your skill set and interaction with other students and teachers.  As soon as they expect you to treat them like a principal, they have failed you.  It is common knowledge that EVERY Principal is different, and judging you on how you treat them is merely an ego trip.

One last item to be aware of, and this is related to claims of high placement rates.  Do not be lured into a school based on jobs they have posted on their job board.  While not proven, false postings and insistence on attendance to qualify for the position has been experienced by too many to ignore.

Good luck on your decision, the more questions you ask the more informed your decision will be.

Happy Hunting!

**UPDATE 5/22/15**

Here is some great input from Donna Shannon, 2014 DEMA Educator of the Year and owner of The Personal Touch Career Services.  She also has a book release coming up!!  Click Here for details.  You will see the value when you receive your copy!!!

Donna’s Comment:
“I would suggest checking them out on Google as well as social media. Remember, when it comes to placement after the training, the school's reputation will be reflected onto the student.

Another consideration is what kind of placement do they offer. Do they only place their candidates, or do they work collaboratively with other agencies to expose their students to as many opportunities as possible."

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